On the Road to 1.0

January 29th, 2006 by Christopher  

As I wrote on the mailing list, I’ll soon be turning my attention to sketching out a roadmap to that gleaming city on a hill, Version 1.0. There are plenty of cool features that I’m itching to work on, but I think it’s important to finish up the basics and get 1.0 out the door sooner rather than later. So maybe less with the gleam and more with the granite foundation. Either way I need a map to tell me when I arrive. Which means that you, gentle blog reader, should speak up now if you’re inclinded to speak up at all. Got a must-just-gotta-oh-my-god-if-you-don’t-I’ll-never-use-this-program feature you want in 1.0? Well heck, tell me what it is! Post it to the mailing list, or post it on the tracker, or even post it as a comment to this entry. Just stick it somewhere I’ll see it.

I’ll be focusing in the next few days on ticket number 56. Once I do have a roadmap to 1.0, I’ll be sure to sum it up here.

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