0.9.503 Available

February 25th, 2006 by Christopher  

This release adds hotkeys.

You can assign any cue a hotkey in the “info” tab of the inspector. More than one cue can have the same hotkey, but if you assign a key that is being used in the key map (in General Preferences) you will see a warning that this key is in use and the hotkey will not function until the conflict is resolved. (Either by reassigning the key map in the preference panel or by reassigning the hotkey for the cue.)

Note that hotkeys do not respect cue sequences. Consider them “one shot” triggers. If you want to start an entire sequence, assign a hotkey to a Start Cue.

If you assign a hotkey to a cue list, it will behave as if you pressed the “GO” button for that cue list.

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