Would you wear this shirt?

December 10th, 2007 by Christopher  

2008 is shaping up to be a big year for Figure 53. To celebrate, we asked designer Robi Mookerjee to create a shirt for us. We asked for a design to pull together themes of engineering, theatricality, and ingenuity. Something that reflected creativity and spectacular mechanisms. Something hand-crafted and full of imagination. Something that’d work on a black cotton T.

The result? Next year we’ll be doing a lot of our coding wearing this:



Now, we were so tickled by this design we started thinking other folks might want one.

So here’s the question to you: Would you buy this shirt? (American Apparel, probably around 15-20 bucks.)

Leave a comment or drop us an email. If there’s interest, we may print up a limited number for distribution.

15 Responses to “Would you wear this shirt?”

  1. Andrew Gitchel Says:

    I’ll definitely wear that! XL and L!

  2. marc Says:

    sign me up

  3. Rich Says:


  4. Matt Hubbs Says:

    i would happily buy and wear this, and i hate schwag.

  5. Sebastian Lund Says:

    I’ll wear it!!! Great initiative

  6. Veronika Vorel Says:

    I would totally wear it.. especially if it was available as a women’s fitted tee? In a small maybe? Awesome design!

  7. Jim Carroll Says:

    I’m in – add .com to the Figure53 so you promote yourself a bit in the process. Check out customink.com for pricing as well.


  8. Emery Roth Says:

    Most Def! Love the design.


  9. matt starritt Says:


  10. Sasha Friedenberg Says:


  11. matt marcus Says:


  12. Derek D Says:

    I would buy a shirt

  13. josh Says:


    though, it should be noted, I have a weakness for obscurely clever t-shirts.

  14. Justin Tolley Says:

    I would definitely wear it. Heck, I’ll take two.

  15. Søren Knud Says:

    I love it- whats happening – when will it ship?

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