Version 1.3.4 Available

January 6th, 2008 by Christopher  

This release adds a single feature: “Bundling”.

You can find it under “File” → “Bundle Workspace…”

To bundle you first choose a location and provide a name. QLab will then create a new directory of that name and copy all your media files in to it. That directory becomes the new working directory, and all the target strings are updated to point to the media files in that location.

If you wish to then move the show to a new computer, just copy that directory to the new machine, and select that directory as the working directory.

NOTE: All the plugins need to be updated with this release. Go to “Cues” → “Install / Update Cues…” to do this.

This has been a much-requested feature, so I hope it helps some folks out!

One Response to “Version 1.3.4 Available”

  1. Helfried Hassfurther Says:

    The “Bundle Workspace” feature inddeed is of great help for me. Thks, and keep swinging …

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