v2 status update

December 24th, 2008 by Christopher  

The coding is complete, give or take a few final bugs and perhaps an extra coat of polish.

Once Marketing delivers the new website and the guys over in Sales finish modifying the online store to handle upgrade discounts, we’ll be ready to roll!

Oh yeah. I’m Marketing and Sales. No problem, I’ll delegate it to the Intern.

INTERN! Get over here! Everyone is beating down my door and sending me threatening emails to finish v2 today and we need a new website now and about 30 pages of documentation, stat! Get on that so I can finally take something resembling a small break from work and spend some time with my family! And if you could bring me up a large hazelnut latte, that’d be greeaaaaat, mmmkay?

Oh yeah. I’m the Intern.


Well, tell you what. Coding is complete, give or take a few final tweaks. I’m going to take a little time to spend with my family now, because they deserve it. We’ll reconvene in the new year after I’ve fired all those lazy bastards in Marketing and Sales. I’ll just code up the new website and write the new docs myself, which is of course the only way to really get anything done these days.

It’ll be a fun way to kick off 2009. Be good, party safe, and meet me back here in January.

14 Responses to “v2 status update”

  1. Tim Reid Says:

    Good work! Congrats to the whole ‘team’. Enjoy the well deserved family time and I look forward eagerly to QLab 2 in the New Year.

    Best wishes

    Tim Reid

  2. Egill Ingibergsson Says:

    Good news. Merry christmas and a happy new Qlab-year.

  3. Andy Smith Says:

    Looking forward to it!! Happy Christmas and a very prosperous new year to all.

  4. Jim-Oddvar Hansen Says:

    We are really looking forward to the new version of Qlab. Please take a well deserved time with your famely. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
    Best wishes from Haalogaland Theatre in North-Norway.

  5. Søren Knud Says:

    You are the most amazing guy in the whole theatre industry! Thank you so much for doing all the things i usually can only dream about.

    The thing that is unbeliveble is that ONE man can implement all the features so fast. The big companies would implement them over 5 years (if the user-requests even reach the programmers).

    This month i get to code a little qlab and i can’t wait… I wish i wasn’t a lighting designer :-)

    looking forward to see 2.0


  6. Jake Zerrer Says:

    You have no idea how much I have been looking forward to this release. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

    –A very happy QLab user

  7. Alasdair Fowler Says:

    Would just like to say great work on QLab. I have only dabbled with it so far, but I already know it is exactly what im after in order to update the AV system in our theatre. At the moment we use an ad hoc system of CD players, MD players, DVD players all running through a LS9 mixing desk and an old vision mixer. It’s not too bad, but it places the limitation of the system on how many arms the operator has. The replacement system im planning (with QLab at it’s heart) will make everything far more flexible and repeatable.

    I am on the verge of being given funding for this new system, but im wondering will V2 be out in time (next 2-3 weeks)? And will V2.0? be a full release or will it still be in beta? Ie, for mission critical runs should I stick to the tried and tested 1.3.5? As im currently putting together a hardware list, could you confirm one thing for me Christopher, will v2 support live video feeds as inputs?

    Keep up the great work, and we are all looking forward to see what magic you have come up with.

    Alasdair Fowler
    Digital Arts and Media Technician
    Northumbria University

  8. Nick Keenan Says:

    I cannot tell you how excited I am for this update – and grateful for your continued dedication to the quality of qLab, Chris. To celebrate, I’m spec’ing a qLab rig for a pretty gigantic Chicago theater tonight.

  9. Josh B Says:

    As the first licensee of QLab v1, I can say it has never let me down, and I can’t wait to upgrade to v2! Hands down the best theatrical playback solution on any platform. January is 2/3 done…any updates…??

  10. Chris Bakos Says:

    I’m not quite to the point that I am checking daily, but I do look at least once a week. I have a project coming up in March that we will be using Qlab for and we hope that the new release is out and tested before then so that we can use it for that project. Keep up the great work!

  11. Christopher Says:

    Hi Josh, Hi Chris,

    I still believe I can release this month. For what it’s worth, I’ve finished writing the 75 pages of documentation. (Oof.)

  12. Soren Knud Says:

    Ohh that means maximum 10 days from now!!! I’m cheking every day :-) IM SO EXITED!!!

  13. Tim Nielson Says:

    Any info or update on the new version? Is it still coming out this month(4 more days)?

  14. Alex Says:

    V2 is a go
    Digg it up http://digg.com/software/Qlab_V2_Released

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