2.0 is Good to Go

February 1st, 2009 by Christopher  

Ready? Let’s dive right in:

New GUI. QLab 2 offers a single integrated layout with streamlined controls to help you work faster.

48 channel output. Each Audio Cue now supports up to 48 independent channels of output and can read up to 16 channels of a multi-channel file.

Sample-accurate audio synchronization. QLab 2 provides guaranteed sample-accurate sync across all Audio Cues assigned to the same output device. You can pause and play the entire workspace, and it will all remain sample-accurate synced.

Video is also synced.

Audio waveform display. Visually trim the head and tail of your audio files. Visually set a looping section of the file. Add a fade envelope directly to the waveform.

Dead-simple vamping. Define a looping section in an audio cue and then pop out of it with a Devamp Cue. Chain multiple cues together to create arbitrary numbers of looped sections in a music track. (You can “stitch” multiple cues together because of the guarantee of sample accurate sync.)

Draw your own fade curves. Completely customizable.

Animate your videos. The new Animation Cue allows you to animate opacity, translation, scale, and rotation.

Camera Cues. Add a live video feed to your workspace. Animate it just like videos from a file.

Custom video rendering with Quartz Composer. You can render your videos and camera feeds through your own Quartz Compositions. Apply image filters, warping–anything you can do in Quartz Composer you can now do in QLab.

Trigger cue lists from timecode. QLab 2 can follow either MIDI Timecode or Linear Timecode–or both at the same time. Each cue list can follow a different timecode source.

Generate MIDI Timecode with the MTC Cue.

Full application scripting. Thorough scripting hooks let you control QLab 2 with AppleScript, Python, or Ruby.

Arm / Disarm your cues. When a cue is disarmed the pre and post waits will still run, but the action will not be fired. Can be set from the inspector or with the handy Arm Cue and Disarm Cue.

New auto-follow mode in addition to auto-continue. Preshow music creators rejoice.

New “Fire random child” mode for the Group Cue.

QLab 2 honors incoming MSC parameters, so you can fire specific cues in the workspace with MSC commands.

Default volume levels for Audio Cues. Default Group Mode for Group Cues. Added more MIDI patches (you can now patch up to 12 MIDI devices in the workspace).

Editing audio devices is now done with a full matrix mixer, rather than just on/off check boxes.

Preferences are now saved with the Workspace, not with the computer–so your device patching and device routing stay with the workspace.

Overhead does not accrue. Have you ever tried to chain together a whole whole bunch of short cues, and by the end of it the timing was slightly off? This is because in QLab 1 the small overhead of firing each cue adds up. In QLab 2, however, the overhead does not add up. If you build a thousand 1 second waits and chain them all together, the last wait will finish almost exactly one thousand seconds later. (Within a millisecond.)

The playback position of the cue list is no longer required to be the same as the selected cue. You may turn off that association, so that you can edit cues without changing the playback position. Helpful for editing during tech without disturbing your operator.

No more working directory. Files are found via an alias mechanism, so while you’re on the same computer you don’t have to think about the directory structure. The bundle feature will still allow you to easily transfer to another computer.

No more plugins. No more trying to figure out which version of many different pieces you’ve got. It’s all a single package, with a single build number.

I could go on, but you get the point. Go ahead. Knock yourself out.

2 Responses to “2.0 is Good to Go”

  1. olivier Says:

    Thank you very much! The software is just awesome and the rental licence is a very good idea!

    Will you put online some examples of .cues as you did for the first version?

  2. Scott Says:

    Just downloaded but just from looking at your blog many of my most requested features are in V2!!! I’ll try it out on a show in a month.


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