Students at the Broadway Sound Master Classes: put it on our tab

April 17th, 2010 by Christopher  

Hey students! Are you yearning to go to the Broadway Sound Master Classes, but ain’t got the coin?

Well maybe now you do. Figure 53 will be sponsoring two (count ‘em: two!) full student passes to this year’s BSMC.

Here’s what you’ll get

  • 1 ticket to a Broadway show (American Idiot) on Friday May 21
  • 2 days of classes May 22-23, with breakfasts and lunches on those days
  • An invitation to a cocktail reception honoring the Live Design Sound Products of the Year on May 22
  • As much schmoozing as your little heart desires

Check out the full schedule of activities to see all the delicious details.

Here’s how you get it

Make us want to sponsor you.

That’s it.

I don’t care how. Be creative. Email me at, and tell me why you want to go, or why you ought to go, or tell me a joke, or impress me with your latest QLab project, or send me a video of you doing your best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

I’ll compare notes with the guys, and at our whim and discretion we’ll pick two of you to sponsor.

You’ve got one week. Contact me by midnight on April 24th. Got it? Good! Now GO!


3 Responses to “Students at the Broadway Sound Master Classes: put it on our tab”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Nuts – you missed my Arnold impression video by days because I already spent all of my money registering the normal way. Anyhow, great that you folks are doing this, and it’ll be nice to see some other students there, particularly if any other high school students are going. Rock on, and best of luck to those who apply. See you in NY.


  2. Emery Roth III Says:

    Have you picked the winners yet?

  3. Christopher Says:

    Not yet–but soon! I’ll post on the blog when they’re announced.

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