Sighting: the Amara Zee

December 19th, 2010 by Christopher  

My friends, I’d like to introduce you to the Amara Zee:


She’s a ship.

She’s a theatre ship.

She’s a 30 meter. Custom built. Theatre. Ship.

Here she is in the Croatian city of Vis:


Here she is in Hvar:


Here she is in Trogir:


By the end of her tour this summer, she visited 11 Croatian cities, 1 Slovenian, and 3 Italian.

Now you, being the smart cookie that you are, have already figured out that the audio and video on the Amara Zee are powered by QLab.

But wait…. what’s…. what’s that there?


No, not the giant heads… that thing in the back there…. here, look at it from this side:


Is that…. could that possibly be….




<sniff> Ah gee… that’s our little guy up there! Traveling the world! What a lucky little fella!

3 Responses to “Sighting: the Amara Zee

  1. ole kristensen Says:

    So again. The world is getting smaller. Maybe it’s the interTubes…

    I’ve had some fun experiences doing crazy shows on that boat, and Chris, you should go and visit them sometime!
    Just do your dance you’ll be in the cast in no-time.

    Here’s some clips from some beautiful days, summer 2009.

  2. Justino Zoppe Says:

    Well thats Awesome.. but for your info.. you have been on a Boat for 9 months! well actually a ship! LOL
    Ive had your software running perfectly for the Norwegian Star in our show Extreme Vegas.. but i admit.. I didn’t have a Q-lab Flag :( sorry! LOL

  3. Patrick Collins Says:

    This looks fantastic.

    I was tech on Britain’s only touring theatre ship (sadly no longer in use) The Fitzcarraldo, operated by Walk the Plank.

    Also sadly this was in the days before qlab, and I would operate 2 MDs, 2CDs, 2 DVDs as well as lighting desk and analogue semaphore controllers.

    It led me down a path to various show control systems, of which qlab has been by far the easiest and quickest to plot, and the most stable in use.

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