Rental Licenses Make Me Happy

January 13th, 2011 by Christopher  

Because they let our customers do stuff like this:


This week I found myself in need of a cueing package suddenly for a 4-day event. My budget really wouldn’t have permitted me to acquire a package of QLab’s sophistication; but your rental plan saved the day.

I will certainly shout the virtues of your product to anyone I can. The client said, “Outstanding work, flawless execution!” Thanks so much for making me appear to be a professional in an affordable manner!

Sean Stewart

(Edited to Add) More kind words about rentals from Seitu Coleman:

Just emailing you all at QLab to express my complete love of your program as well as your innovative licensing structure. Being able to create a show off-line then “renting” a license for a few days is a tremendous benefit to my workflow. I have yet to hear about any Pro software that allows you to rent a license, did you all invent that? I am always telling other techs about QLab, keep up the good work.

Thanks guys!

2 Responses to “Rental Licenses Make Me Happy”

  1. Hennaut Says:

    merci de me dire comment faire pour acheter une licence

  2. Christopher Says:

    Hi Hennaut,

    You can buy a license from the online store here:

    Click “Buy a License”.


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