Saving the Corporate Day

September 12th, 2011 by Christopher  

In an email titled “Saving the Corporate Day”, Mac Calder writes:

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for your software. I do corporate —
2 hours before a conference awards gala dinner, the client runs up to
me and hands me a hard drive looking worried. Since I was looking
after the rest of the conference, I head over to ops and hand over the
drive. We were expecting a powerpoint presentation or something of the
sort — we had a windows PC on site ready for it. We open it up and
find a pile of media files (same files in WMV and MOV). Straight play
out — easy we can embed in powerpoint and away we go. We started
looking through the files and the client, over my shoulder says “Okay,
so we will need to pause here. Then resume once the winner is
announced.”. Still doable Not pretty, but doable — maybe we can just
cue up in VLC and do it that way. “Oh, and here is the holding
animation, that will need to loop between awards”. The list keeps
getting longer — lots of pause points, lots of looping, quite a few
“If he turns up we don’t play this file” etc. How would we do it? One
guy is suggesting we bring in our watchout rack — it gets quickly
veto’ed — it’s not on site, it will be at least half an hour, the we
won’t have the time to program, there is no space for the rack.
Another is suggesting that we put in a couple of DVD players, burn the
holding loop for one, split the media files at the pause points and
burn to DVD. Again, time is still a worry… but doable. I pull out my
laptop, open QLab. Within seconds, everything was imported. Seconds
later the loop is running at the bottom and clips are playing over the
top — perfect. Pause points were next, and then the conditions. Took
minutes. The vision op and client are quickly shown how to operate —
They understand it within seconds. The client — an event manager in
her own right — now thinks we are gods of AV, the end client loved the
seamlessness of the video and the best bit — from crisis to me being
at the pub having a cider with a friend was less than 45 minutes. The
company bought two macbooks before midday the next day.

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