Old Meets New: QLab at the Roman Baths of Caracalla

October 3rd, 2011 by Christopher  

Live Design just published a cool little story about Rome Opera Theatre’s current production at the Baths of Caracalla.

What exactly is going down in this venue from 217 A.D.?

Welp, it involves 102 members of the Rome Opera Orchestra and gargantuan video projections:

The dramatic video footage shown on the 50′x30′ PVC screen, shot with Phantom Gold and Red One cameras in studios in Spain and onsite in Rome, included high-impact effects and slow-motion sequences in which actors and animals were seamlessly transformed into the statues of the famous Roman Fountains in one part of the trilogy, as well as an animated sequence showing an army of pines marching down Rome’s Appian Way.

And projected using what?

“To play out the video content in sync with the music, we chose [QLab], based on a ‘go’ system,” Pascual continues. “After pre-programming all the sequences, effects, fade-outs, fade-ins, etc., during the show, the operator just clicks on ‘go’ to play out the various cues’ footage. In Rome, we used an Apple Mac Mini as a control system and an eight-core Mac Pro to store and manage the footage.” Video contractor TVI srl supplied the 30,000 ANSI-lumen projector installed 180′ from the stage — a Christie Digital Roadie HD+30K — with another identical unit as a spare.


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